Measuring Up for your Garage Door

Types of mechanism for up and over doors

henderson canopy mechanism

Canopy mechanism

henderson retractable mechanism

Retractable mechanism

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Measure Timber FrameHow to measure for installation to a timber frame.

When measuring up for installing an up and over door door to an existing timber frame please measure timber to timber width and floor to timber crossbar height, not existing door size. All garage doors are measured as an internal frame size e.g. a 7’ x 7’ garage door will have an internal frame size of 7’ x 7’. The actual door panel will be approx. ¾ inch smaller on the width and the height.

N.B. A standard 70 mm x 70 mm timber goalpoast frame is ideal for any up and over garage door.


How to measure up for installation of up and over door with a steel frame:

  1. Between the brick fit:
    • When measuring up for installing a door complete with factory fitted steel frame directly between brickwork please measure brick to brick width and floor to underside of lintel height.
  2. between brick fit for Henderson garage door
  3. Rear face fit:
    • You may choose to fit the frame (either timber or steel) directly onto the rear surface of the brick pillars.
    • Min brick to brick width 5 mm larger than door width.
    • Max brick to brick width 120 mm wider than door width.
    • Min lintel height is the door ordering height.
    • N.B. All of pillar will be external.
    • When rear face fixing please measure space each side on the rear of the pillars, where the frame will sit.
  4. rear face fit for Henderson garage door


Measuring up for a Sectional Garage Door

Note in picture below how door frame is installed onto rear of aperture, giving maximum width and height. This also gives an attractive “clean” appearance to the installation.

Henderson G60 Style

Due to the sectional door fitting onto the rear of the aperture, we need 5 important sizes to ensure you order the correct size door and that it has the fitting clearances required. The sizes we need are shown in our “Self Survey” form.

Sideroom / Headroom and depth of garage required for installing a Henderson G60
Sideroom / Headroom and depth of garage required for installing a Henderson G60