Insulated Roller Garage Doors

A high quality automatic remote controlled garage door. The insulated roller door is constructed from 75 mm tall foam filled aluminium slats, approx 17 mm thick. All doors come with a full powdercoated box housing making the door look very neat from the inside aswell. A 52 mm tall slat is available for limited headroom applications. All roller shutters come made-to-measure, as standard.


Henderson insulated roller door can turn a cold, draughty garage into a more usable space

Autolocks hold the door firmly in the closed position, giving a high level of security. Chunky bottom rubber seal and treble brush seals in the guide channels give excellent draught proofing. Integral motor housed in central main shaft gives quiet smooth reliable operation. Rolling code remote control security. Auto reverse safety system. Comes complete with 2 key fob transmitters. Various colours and woodgrain finishes available.

Henderson insulated roller garage doors: automation key fob, auto locks, door slats and alarm system

Classic and Compact Models
width in metres including guide channels
2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.60 5.20 5.50
height in metres              
including roller              
box enclosure              
2.20 898.00 985.00 1,092.00 1,173.00 1,285.00 1,441.00 1,649.00
2.40 921.00 1,002.00 1,116.00 1,201.00 1,313.00 1,475.00 1,688.00
2.60 938.00 1,025.00 1,139.00 1,223.00 1,341.00 1,509.00 1,727.00
2.80 961.00 1,048.00 1,162.00 1,251.00 1,369.00 1,542.00 phone
3.00 990.00 1,077.00 1,197.00 1,285.00 1,408.00 phone phone
3.20 1,014.00 1,106.00 1,226.00 phone phone phone phone
3.50 1,066.00 1,164.00 phone phone phone phone phone


All prices plus VAT.
These prices are for standard colour doors.
Golden Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany and Irish Oak laminate finishes available. Please add 20% extra to the costs stated above.
N.B. Width measurement includes 90mm or 70mm guide channels each side (68mm on Compact).
Height measurement includes 300mm box enclosure (205mm on Compact)